Travel Report


Erasmus+ Mobility Project, Effective Mobility –Genuine Worklife Co-operation 2016-2018

Coordinator: Amiedu, FINLAND

Salah A. Jibril

Student ( Audiovisual Communication, Game Graphics).

Hey All, here’s my traveling report for my internship in Spain well lets starts from the



I got accepted to do my Internship in Spain through Erasmus Plus which is was a

great opportunity for my career to have insight about the graphic industry in Spain

and to learn more about the design method that they use.

I did few research of the work place and the resident (Campus) where we will spend

our nights.

The Company










Squembri Estudio is Graphic Design Agency Based in Granada, Spain. its one of the

most known company in the southern Spain, their client are huge names locally and

internationally here’s there website and portfolio if you would like to see more. .

The resident










it call Europroyectos I made some Online research about this campus and find a little

information and shaky reviews well here’s the link for their website. .

The Road to Spain

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."


I just reached the airport and met my colleague Otso, now we are waiting for the

flight what will take us to Spain, well for me it's the first time to visit Spain and really

exciting and specially that I always wanted visit it Andalusia so to get the chance to

do my internship the it's a really big deal for me and I'm happy for it.



















Checking in time.

Heading to Malaga after our flight has been canceled by Finnair and they have

provide us a new straight flight to Malaga while our first flight was connected and

long one, so win win :D.




























We just have toke off and here the view from the sky!.

We just have arrive to Malaga and we have booked a room through

and now we are on the way to go sleep.















































The Airbnb Apartment looks nice!.


Now we are awake and trying to have some breakfast. Then we will go the buss

station which is next to us to take a buss to our final destination.




































Spanish breakfast





















Waiting for boarding.




Now we are on our way to Granada.
























Road view






Granada Here we Are!





















Otso, Salah


We've just arrived to Granada and we get surprised that no one didn't come to pick

us from the buss station. They just give us the coordinates for the campus and that

we should take buss or taxi what would drive us there, but we decided to walk and

discover the road and the city.

















The thing what Otso fall in love with *Motorcycle* xD.


Here we are in the campus setting up our closet and laptops. Try to have a little bed

rest and nap until we figure out what we gonna do later today.

























Life and work experiences it just began.


After we arrived we had nap and it was kinda late to see the area and discover the

city so we thought tomorrow is a new day for our plans. In the dinner time we had the

chance to meet the worker of the campus and their manager. They asked us to do

advertising video for them and our role will be an actors. We agreed for it to just to

be polite but it was kinda weird that they asked us to do this kind of thing. Anyway

we went for it in the next day and here some picture about it.




















After that we went to our workplace to meet the workers and get some

information about what our tasks will be etc.























And here's some memorable picture. We bought some gifts from Finland what are

seen in the picture.





























Salah, Ana, Otso.



Well now we have officially started our training. During the coming days I made a

multiple tasks such Web design and development, Branding and Photography as

well and of course I didn't forget to have my City tours and get to know other

students from all over the Europe.
























Me while taking some picture of a product.





























Photography study techniques.



Here I was working in Identity design, made several of concepts for a client.



























A selfie during the city tour and behind me the river of Granada.






















In my room sketching some ideas.























One of the places what I enjoyed to be there Universidad de Granada.






















Visiting the University Of Granada.

































Even I got their hoodie it feels good :D.






So I got multiple tasks to do for print design and branding. It was really nice

experience to make such a stuff like that I learned a lot from my colleagues


























I was working on Print design.


Sometimes after I come from the work I liked to go to the terrace to have a fresh air

and just look to the city and have some peace.



























Well at the resident there was washing machine but it cost. I'm not able to wash my

clothes by myself I've to give it to the housekeeper to wash for me. I didn't like the

idea, it seemed a bit risky, so I decided to go a laundry shop every time I needed to

wash my clothes. It was not cheap but it was safer if you know what I mean ;D.



















Organizing my clothes after the laundry, it look messed up I know :D.


One day at work I got suprised visit from a wonderful puppy ever and it's a Husky!!

ohh my god it really made my day better and filled my day with happiness.


























I always wanted to visit Alhambra. I loved the place, it really looked amazing from all

ways. It have this beautiful mixed architectural, between the arabian culture and the

latins. That is what make it a unique place and an amazing experience for the

























The sunset from Alhambra.


So I met a new student's from Romania, France and we all went to Alhambra

together. It was a fantastic day!
























Robert, Otso, Me And my little brother Mattil ;D



I get this new task,where I need to make Flat design website with a concept of

Parallax effect. Also add with little bit of animation for some of the characters.
























Here is the final work before it goes to the developers to make it work.





So we went to Sierra Nevada for skiing but it was a windy day so we end up having a

coffee and eating thai food, in general I loved the place it's snowing and it's almost

white like christmas.
























Road view.























 you can see amazing views. These kind of views, peace and beauty makes you

forget all the hussle around you. HOW BEAUTIFUL!
















































Going back to Granada!

























Road view, clouds next to us!!.


Amazing moments at Sierra Nevada. Beautiful views, good company and tasty food.

What more do you possible need? The weather reminded me little bit about Finland,

cold but nice.






The Last Week!



My last week at Granada I went again to Alhambra with a French group but this time

I went inside the place and visited the court of lions. You can see the amazing

culture and the architectural beauties taking place in these photos. The atmosphere

inside of the palace was amazing. Actually the culture and the history of this place

made me think about my own homeland Saudi-Arabia! I will definitely visit here one

day again with my family!,Here's some random pictures from the last week from my internship in Spain.





























As youcan see, I had amazing time during work and outside of the work. We created great

memories and build friendships with others what hopefully will last entire life. Great

about this whole journey was to learn how to work in multicultural environment and to

meet all these other students likewise the workers who share the same passion with

you. Even tho, I missed home sometimes I wouldn't change these moments and

opportunity to anything!



“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own





















Thank you Guys for everything! May our friendship last till life time!


Time to leave! Happy but same time bit sad feelings, it is over now but there is much

more what future holds! Just few stops before I will be back to Finland, to Malaga

and then to Barcelona!



Malaga Airport, have some extra time before my jorney will continue. Always time for

some coffee!


























Having a coffee at Starbucks.





Here we are, Barceloooooonaaa!!




























I spended one night in Barcelona and from there I headed to Palma de Mallorca to have a small vacation of my own. Yej!

After all of this I have officially finished my internship and my journey in Spain, the

memorable moments and it amazing history.

I personally enjoyed alot during this internship and this whole experience had alot of

benefits with what I can pursue to my dreams as an graphic designer.

I hope to get these kind of opportunities more in a future, to gain more knowledge

and experience but most of all to make this valuable connections and improve myself

as an artist. I highly recommend everyone, to take that brave move even if you feel

bit shy or unsure! It will pay off, trust me!

Palma de Mallorca!.































Lastly but not least, I would like to thank Erasmus+ for giving me this great

opportunity to be part of this internship!



























"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love

what you are doing, you will be successful."